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A collection of golf course architect and author Nathan Crace's favorite columns from his first two years of writing "LIPOUTS" for regional and national golf publications with a look back at how things have (or have not) changed.  "LIPOUTS...the best I could do from the first two years" is a humorous look at not only the game of golf and those who play it, but why we play it and how it mirrors life.  The author says this book is a must for every golfer's bathroom library!  [ humor , sports ]

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When former cop and World War II hero turned private detective Vincent Vino was killed late one rainy night in New York City in 1955, his murder left a lot of unanswered questions.  Now nearly 60 years later, budget cuts in the nation's capitol have uncovered some secrets that have officials from the Pentagon to the Kremlin scrambling to connect the dots before the real truth comes out in a classic Cold War style cat and mouse game.  With deception at every turn, you can't trust anyone...and you'll never guess who winds up in the middle of it all. 

"Vincent Vino" from Author Nathan Crace will be available soon from Moonbay Media.  More info at   [ mystery , thriller , fiction ]

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Author and golf course architect Nathan Crace has spent 20+ years in the golf industry and now he is putting together a collection of true stories as told by the golf pros and superintendents who were there.  Hilariously funny, sometimes unbelievable, and a few that are life-changing.  This collection of stories continues to grow and is due to be released in the not too distant future. The author is still accepting submissions to be included in the book.  If you work in the golf industry and have a story to tell, then take a minute to go to and submit your story today.  You just might make the cut!  [ humor, non-fiction ]

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Sometimes in life there's no one else to turn to, and when tour professional Bo Dolan shot from relative obscurity to the highest highs, his crashing return to earth was more than any man should have to bear.  Now he must pick himself up and return to the States to help an old friend who has found himself in the middle of a kidnapping in New Orleans that only masks a conspiracy that may stretch all the way to Washington, D.C. 

"A Lonely Soul, The Unlikely Story of Bo Dolan" will be available soon from Moonbay Media.  More info at   [ mystery , thriller , fiction ]

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