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Your First Name and The First Initial of Your Last Name
It would be nice to know your first name in the event I need to contact you via e-mail.  Also, if you submit a topic that I elect to use, I will give you credit for the idea by listing your first name and the first initial of your last name.

Your Hometown and The State Where You Live
If I do use your idea for a topic, I will also list your hometown and the state where you live.  And since Lipouts appears in a number of different markets both in print and on the Internet, I'm also curious about where the readers live.

Your E-Mail Address
In the event I need to contact you to ask a question about the topic, question, or comment you submit, I will do so via e-mail. 
Rest assured that I will keep your e-mail and all other information strictly confidential and I will not under any circumstances provide this information to other parties--it is solely for my use as stated here.

Your Comment, Question, or Topic
Simply type in your question, idea for a new topic, or comment about Lipouts (either positive or negative).

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